Is it expensive to hire ski in Basko, Bulgaria?

As an increasingly popular ski destination, Bulgaria is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a unique take on classic seasonal pursuits. With heavy snowfall until June on the highest peaks, it is perfect for both beginner ski runs and challenging slopes. Add to that affordable prices and beautiful wintry landscapes, and it’s no wonder Bulgaria is seducing visitors from all over the world.

The most popular winter resort in Bulgaria is Bansko which is located in the Pirin mountain – the most beautiful one. The slopes of Bansko have length 70km and are suitable for beginners and advancers. There are slopes appropriate to snowboard lovers and ski lovers as well.

Is it expensive to hire ski in Basko, Bulgaria?

The biggest advantage of Bansko ski resort are the low prices. We all know how much cost one winter vacation, so it’s better to look for a budget-friendly resort such as Bansko. Hire ski with a big discount on There is everything you need to go skiing and snowboarding. You can hire ski packages online for less money, get a lift pass with discount and skip the lines in the resort.

Bansko ski resort is remarkable regarding bars, restaurants and nightlife. Several apres-ski bars offer snacks and refreshments on the ski zone and in the resort. Local clubs and clubs usually close early in the morning. High-class restaurants with sophisticated menus are part of various five and four-star hotels. More than 200 traditional Bansko taverns (called “Mehana”) offer a cozy atmosphere, dishes from traditional Bulgarian cuisine, local specialities and selected Bulgarian wines. Most of the mehanas provide an entertaining program with live folk music.

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